Mestieri-LAB® Co-founder: a community where creativity, education and industry are combined together.

100% AUTHENTIC YOU® is our soft skills signature program, with a focus on creativity development.

Creating contests for the industry, such as I-Skool™, an educational program and contest powered by ISKO™ which is talking about denim to BA and MA fashion students and denim professionals worldwide.

I have been working since 2001 in the fashion industry covering different roles: from style office management to brand and product marketing, managing intercultural and multi age teams.

I am curious and I love new projects both at work and in my life.
 Starting up a new situation, creating something that was not existing before give me energy.

Since 2008 I am focused on personal growth. I was facing hard times at work and in life and I asked for help. Discovering my inner resources and accepting my limitations allowed me to grow with authenticity and express creativity in life. 

I love to be creative with people, helping them and myself to find new behaviors, to test new ways.

December 2015 I graduated at SIBiG, a Biogestalt counseling school. I work as a Professional Advanced Counselor, both with individual sessions and groups in which I express and share my creativity.


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